--- Pipeline under construction ---

The Original PIPELINE SKATEPARK in Upland CA

This is the place for information on the original Pipeline Skatepark in Upland California.  We are under Construction so please return here soon

If you have Pipeline Skatepark information, photos, video, stories, memoribilla, etc. that you’re interested in sharing with us…

Please contact Dave at a our temporary address:

-         pipelineskatepark @ hotmail (dot) com  no spaces

-         (we do this to reduce email robots etc)

Excerpt from the project:

   “…I guess I did a great sales job on my parents, as several months after I had conned them out of $4000.00, my Dad called me with a question. The answer to that question changed my life. My Dad asked if I wanted to help him build a skateboard park in Upland. Well I jumped at it, and we opened the Pipeline Skatepark!”   …Don Hoffman